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to D.O.P.E. Ellum

Our multimedia studio is a fully equipped creative space. Inspired by the vibrant and storied history of Deep Ellum, a neighborhood known for its rich artistic heritage. Our studio aims to foster a sense of community and provides a platform for artists to collaborate, while paying homage to the spirit, vibe, and legacy of Deep Ellum. 

Whether it’s for podcasts, filming, or music production, we have the resources available to make sure that your next project is a success. DOPE Ellum acts as a hub for creativity, always striving to inspire and facilitate innovation through film, fashion, music and art.

Dope Ellum is not only a multi-media studio but a creative marketing brand. Equipped with a full coffee lounge powered by Night Rider Coffee, get some work done in the day and catch a LIVE performance in the night and experience the creative vibes brought to you by LOCAL creators while sipping a delicious cup of cold brew coffee. "They Sleep, We Ride!" - 

A creative marketing brand paying homage to

the Spirit, Vibe & Legacy of Deep Ellum.

Facilitating & Capturing

creativity through Film, Fashion, Music & Art.


  • Creative workspace with full Coffee Bar

  • Multimedia Production, Podcast & Green Room

  • Stage and Private Event Space, LIVE PERFORMANCES

Dope Ellum Shop on Commerce at Walton
No upcoming events at the moment


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